Donna Harrison
2 min readFeb 13, 2022

Something from today …

A revelation that falls into the heart and lets two souls touch
Like a song in the dark I feel your magic within my heart
Like the silence that slips through the dark clouds of the night
Sometimes life doesn’t give you a chance to wait
I will never know how to say goodbye as my heart breaks

A touch of blackness on the night
Held between two worlds
Torn, with no end in sight
We collide again, a mirage of what might have been
In the middle of a whisper we keep looking back
Walking through the darkness, searching for the light.

Everyday life seeks the silence,
But with a soul that crosses and heals
With one touch, the heart will follow
With one call, we seek to part the illusion from real

They guard the heart with a warrior’s sword
Convinced faith in love cannot be restored
They are scarred and beaten
With the scattered words of a torn soul

You turned my pain into light while you lived in the dark
I chose to love you from a distance for distance will shield me from harm
Meet me on the bridge of the heart
Will we lie in the fire or will we stay apart?
Torn, you decide our fate & let me know
It will never be over when hearts can’t let go



Donna Harrison

Writer/Author, ecommerce entrepreneur, head diva @ ModaLtd.