Donna Harrison
2 min readJul 6, 2022


Over Again

I know it was love, believe me I’ve never doubted that you love me, as much as I love you.

The difference is not the background, small, but the way we love each other: so incompatible, so pletorical, so intermittent, so often, and so crazy about each other.

It’s true that all my life I’m going to miss your beautiful smile and your eyes of young love looking at me from afar.

I will grow up, I will grow old, and I will sit in a rocking chair to remember the time when I walked alongside you in the clouds, without feeling on my shoulders the weight of routine.

Because you were the perfect escape, the dream of a summer night, the happy hangover, the smell of freedom, the air on the face riding a motorcycle, and the attack of laughter of a child.

All that was you and all that you gave me. But you were never a shelter, but an escape. And when you wanted to explore other opportunities, trouble came.

Train derailed, dream became a nightmare, I panicked

to crash and finally

I crashed.

It was over. I became a mere memory. In a flash. Just like that. A memory. Forgotten. So easily.

So I closed the doors, windows and what was left of my heart. It was there when you dared to say: I love you, and I finally understood it all.

We were crazy in love, but loving wasn’t enough, plus I had to understand, complete, respect, admire, be sincere and above all, protect myself.

Since then I have no doubts: I let you go to look for me, and I ended up finding myself in the quiet happiness of not waiting for anyone.

I will miss you to pieces.



Donna Harrison

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