Broken Soul

Donna Harrison
2 min readSep 13, 2022

Woke up today with a broken soul
Just don’t know if I can go on any more
If you don’t open your eyes
I won’t open mine
I know I ain’t much
But I don’t want to cry

I know I ain’t much, but I don’t want no lies

The road has been long
and it seems to go on
stopping clocks in their tracks
with no trace of time
Got to break out, Got to prove you’re alive
Breathing you is the closest thing to flying

Need air to breathe
Need to light a fire
Need wings to fly
Let’s take it up higher

Time takes no prisoners
and poisons the soul
Capture my graces
Before I lose all control

Today I woke up with a broken soul

Time to break out. Time to prove you’re alive
What made you think that the weak will survive?
Every illusion always fades like the clouds
The darkest of night always comes right before dawn
Taking your love with it
I know I ain’t much but where did I go wrong?



Donna Harrison

Writer/Author, ecommerce entrepreneur, head diva @ ModaLtd.